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We’re Artizan

We are Artizan - from Boston, Massachusetts, a family-owned, design and construction firm. Since 1994, we have completed more than 500 construction and renovation projects in the New England area. Our dynamic, experienced crew and managerial staff deliver craftsmanship of impeccable quality and unmatched attention to detail. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to take care of all of their construction needs. At Artizan we do not rest until we are certain that our client is comfortable and completely satisfied with the results of their project. Construction is not a job for us, it is a lifestyle.

We provide general construction services as varied as the needs of our numerous clients. We can take our clients from an early conceptual idea all the way through to the ribbon cutting. Our experience allows us to lead our clients through the oftentimes complex and undeniably stressful construction process. We always set the best interest of our client as our ultimate goal.

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    At Artizan, we can guide our clients through the design process. Our experience allows us to offer value engineering solutions and be proactive during this critical part of the construction process enabling us to identify potential savings and allow for the best possible outcome for our client.


    We have completed numerous new-construction projects from the ground up. We are confident in any type of setting, whether it is a stick frame or modular box construction, steel or wood, we will build it. As a general contractor, we collaborate closely with the design team and client to ensure a seamless construction process and minimize the potential for surprises along the way.


    We renovate. A lot. Our extensive experience allows us to undertake the most complex renovation projects. Our staff is always ready to work on finding solutions to the most difficult questions and problems which may arise. We have renovated Victorian era mansions, Beacon Hill luxury residences, South End brownstones and a number of other buildings as varied and complex as the architecture of Boston.


    We have a deep appreciation and respect for historical architecture. We have worked on some of the finest buildings in the Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Roxbury, South End, South Boston, Jamaica Plain, and Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston. We feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when we look back at these historic buildings knowing that we were able to restore them to their original beauty.


    Our portfolio includes custom-made cabinetry, windows, doors, tables, decorative elements, and specialty items such as live edge, reclaimed wood, and hardwood furnishings at numerous fine dining establishments.


    Our projects have included round shaped balconies and a unique, continuous round profile metal railing along a four-story staircase, ornamental fences, gates, wrought iron railings and window grating. We have worked with a local foundry to restore a century old cast iron fence in the Beacon Hill to restore its unmatched, original elegance and aesthetic. Our work also includes stainless steel, cold bending, smithing, welding, but most importantly, we provide creative solutions to any metal work problems.


We have access and experience working with a wide variety of high-quality construction products from Europe including Spanish ceramics, Italian marble, German-designed windows and doors, Eastern European oak flooring, as well as many others. With the access to such a diversified pool of superior product, we introduce our clients to these otherwise not readily available markets. We help identify which of these international products could benefit the project and assist the client in making the best-informed decision.

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