Artizan General Construction is a South Boston based and family owned design and construction company. Founded by Tadeusz Wojcik over 15 years ago Artizan General Construction also known as just Artizan by numerous locals has been building and remodeling residential and commercial dwellings in Greater Boston Area. At Artizan we strive to deliver the best quality of work and performance. We take pride in working with the people of Boston. Often times we forsake profit and make every effort to satisfy our customers' needs and demands.

        What makes Artizan different from most general contracting companies in the area is that we take full advantage of our experience and high level of craftsmanship. We believe in teamwork and rely on the experience and ideas of every one of our employees. Instead of only working for our customers we try to advise them and let our experience lead the way in difficult situations. Our staff members always take time and effort to identify themselves with the projects and feel responsible for the quality of work delivered. Artizan was started as a family company and as it grew the new employees have become part of the Artizan family. Everyone at Artizan must feel comfortable and concentrated to ensure the excellence of the work we do and happiness we bring to our clients.

        Artizan offers a wide range of services. We do not only try to concentrate on one thing. As an ever growing and dynamic construction company we believe in the importance of multiple specialties. Our experienced staff of carpenters, welders and masons allows us to follow different spheres of design and construction. Besides being general contractors - leading your construction project from the preliminary drawings to the last paint touch ups, we are also renowned around Boston for the exceptional metal and ornamental iron work. At our welding workshop we design and carry out all sorts of metalwork projects. In addition to window grates, spiral staircases, ornamental fences and gates we also fabricate and install custom made iron work. Our recent projects included round shaped balconies and a unique, continuous round profile metal railing along a four-story staircase.

        Our woodworking workshop allows us to add numerous fine carpentry possibilities to our already wide range of services. Our portfolio includes custom made cabinetry, windows, doors, tables, decorative elements and even a bar counter in one of Boston’s most famous dining establishments.

        Metal work and woodworking are strong branches of our company, however the trunk of Artizan is rooted in general contracting. We have led numerous projects both commercial and residential. Our most frequent projects include condo conversions and multifamily house gut rehabs. With our designers on staff we lead the project from the very first idea through demolition, framing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC all the way to the careful finishing touches. All the subcontractors we have been working with are trusted brands on the market. They have grown and expanded with Artizan over the years. Together with them we have learned that the key to success lies in teamwork and mutual trust.

        At Artizan we do not work out of necessity, we do it because we love it. We truly enjoy seeing the project progress and eventually come to an end swiftly and successfully. Construction is not our job; it is our lifestyle.